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We have law offices in Texas and New Mexico to serve your needs.

Licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas and the Supreme Court of New Mexico.

"Attorney Ron Sanders has been serving the legal needs of Texas and New Mexico's residents and businesses for over ten years.  Whether the case involves a divorce, real estate, estate probate, automobile accident, negligence, grandparents' rights, custody, child support, dwi, possession, probation or parole revocation, professional license defense, guardianship, criminal, civil or medical malpractice litigation, each case receives individual attention from Attorney Ron Sanders"  

The statements and information provided on this website are for informational purposes only. This site is not intended to provide legal advice to the reader and NO attorney-client relationship shall be deemed to arise from the receipt of this page and/or its associated pages or any oral or e-mail communication to or from with this law firm. There will be NO lawsuits filed, claims made, letters or phone calls made for a prospective client, until that person is represented by this firm. An attorney-client relationship only arises after the attorney and client have signed a written attorney-client agreement, after the attorney has evaluated the background facts provided and has accepted the representation of the client’s legal action.

Further, any statement or reference to past settlements or verdicts should NOT be relied upon in one’s own case or in your decision on which law firm to hire. All clients‘ cases, facts, injuries, damages, venues and lawsuits are different and there is NO way to predict the outcome of a particular case, verdict of a jury or judge, or the strength of a case before a judge, jury or the appellate court system.  Main office is located in Lubbock, TX

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